Best Pilates Teacher Training [Everything you Need to Know]

Best Pilates Teacher Training
Best Pilates Teacher Training

Practicing Pilates will transform your mind and body and take your wellbeing on another level. But becoming a teacher may have even more benefits.

Of course, getting to that level is not easy, but the effort will most definitely pay off. Working as a Pilates teacher is interesting, makes you stay in great shape, and to be honest, earnings can be excellent.

Pilates teacher training is a process in which you learn all necessary skills to become a qualified professional who can lead classes and spread knowledge. Of course, not all teacher trainings are equally good, and I would always advise you to go for the best to get the best results.

There are many reasons why individuals want to become trainers, however what they all have in common is their love for Pilates.

Hard work and dedication will take you far in life, and if one of your life goals is to become a Pilates teacher, you are in the right place.

Here I will tell you more about the process and give some recommendations so that you can achieve your dream.

Why People Want to Become Pilates Teachers?

People are different, and so is their motivation to achieve a certain goal. Some people enjoy practicing Pilates so much that they want to make it their full-time job. Other may already be in the fitness business and want to expand their services.

I have met people who became certified Pilates teachers without any plan to perform the job. They just saw it as a challenge and ability to improve.

Others enjoy helping people and may be more on the rehabilitation side. Those will often become medical Pilates teachers.

In some areas of the world instructors, especially if they have the opportunity to own a business, earn a lot of money. This too can be a good motivator.

No matter what your reason is, be prepared to work hard to reach your goal.

Best Pilates Teacher Training - Help
Best Pilates Teacher Training – Help

How Long Does it Take to Become Pilates Teachers?

Adequate Pilates teacher training may take years to finish. I know that some of you probably encountered some certification programs that allow you to get your certifications quickly but to be honest, those will not get you very far. Owning a license is one thing but being prepared to teach safely and efficiently is something else.

Pilates instructors must know a lot about human body. That includes anatomical knowledge, as well as knowledge about human performance.

In addition to that, you must know how to observe people, notice mistakes, talk to them, have individual approach and know what they need. That is something you need certain experience for, and it is the only way to have a client base that will keep coming back to your classes.

Exact timing also depends on a country you live in. Some have very strict laws about any fitness activity, while others are a bit “loose”.

Most often, you will be able to get your certificate after 1 year. But it can take as short as 6 months or as long as 2 years!

It also depends on you and your attendance. There is a number of hours that is mandatory, and if you can’t attend regularly, it will take ages to finish. Reputable programs frequently last more than 500 hours!

But that is not the end. Good instructors tend to participate in addition programs to perfect their skills and continue their education through the whole career.

How to Become a Pilates Teacher? Best Way …

It is hard to sum up this process because it depends on your previous qualifications. If you are already in some fitness business, you probably already know a lot. Only thing I can recommend is to find a good program.

Those who are thinking to start from the very beginning should firstly enrol into Pilates classes. You need a high level of fitness to be able to teach several classes a day. When you achieve advanced level of practicing, you should research what is the best program available in your area and enrol to those classes to become a Pilates teacher.

Here are some tips:

• Participate in classes in various studios to get a better idea of how it works
• Watch videos, read articles, and learn about the theory of Pilates to know what you are getting into
• When you enrol into teacher classes, make sure to give your best effort to learn
• Prepare well for the exams

And that’s it! When summed up like this, it sounds easy. It may be hard at times but trust me it is extremely rewarding and the further you progress the better you will feel!

Is There Any Good Pilates Teacher Training? [Which One is BEST?]

The best Pilates teacher training will give you all necessary qualifications and skills to become a great teacher.

In addition to that you have to know that in the world of Pilates, employers know how to distinguish good teaching programs from bad ones, and they will consider that when you apply for a job in their studio. Investing a bit more in the beginning will pay off!

Best Pilates Teacher Training - Group
Best Pilates Teacher Training – Group

If you don’t know where to start, here are my recommendations:

Pilates Teacher Training #1


Functional Strength Pilates is one of the best Pilates teacher training programs that has been around for more than a decade. What makes it great is the quality of their classes. Besides learning all physical aspects of Pilates and learning the exercises, they will prepare you to become a teacher in the real sense of that word. Their classes focus on everything I mentioned above that makes a great teacher. That includes the ability to create individual approach to your students, to observe and listen, and to become a real mentor.

All those qualities are the ones that will enable you to find a job easily and to attract students to your classes.

Basic training for classical Pilates takes 500 hours and 6 months to complete. Individual approach and small groups are a guarantee to receive excellent training.

I would recommend this training to everyone, including those who are already in fitness business, as well as those who are starting from zero.

Pilates Teacher Training #2


Another option is Stott Pilates program that offers many benefits, but on a larger scale. It is available around the word and the certificate you will get is well known in Pilates community.

This program is a bit shorter, and basic one lasts slightly more than 300 hours. It includes all important aspects of teacher training, including theory, and a lot of practice. This practice part unifies observing as well as teaching classes to get the better understanding of it all.

Due to shorter program, I would recommend it to those who are already in some sort of fitness business and have previous knowledge.

Pilates Teacher Training #3


And lastly here we have Balanced Body. Various modules are available and some of those are really short. If you are not already some kind of fitness trainer, I would advise you to choose Comprehensive Instructor training.

That is definitely their best program. It lasts more than 500 hours and it will prepare you for teaching in both physical and psychological sense.

This program is very demanding, and it requires a lot f time and effort to complete, however it will make you a good teacher!

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Pilates Teacher?

The best Pilates teacher training won’t be cheap.

You are paying for extensive knowledge and experience those teachers had to acquire through their career.

Prices can vary a lot, and most often such training will cost several thousand dollars. Sure, there are 50 hours $300 dollars online classes but those will get you nowhere.

Reputable trainings in smaller groups where Pilates experts will teach you how to become a teacher usually start at around $3000 for 500-hour programs. Some upscale programs may even cost more that $6000.

But, considering Pilates teacher earnings you will be able to make afterwards, it is definitely worth this initial investment!

Can you Make a Living Teaching Pilates? [How Much Teachers Earn?]

I know that everyone wants to know this so let’s get down to numbers.

How much you will earn depends on a lot of factors including location of a studio (small town or a big city), competition, your experience, number of hours you are working, and of course the fact if you are a studio owner or not.

What I can tell you that average instructors earn more than average salaries in a given area. Pilates is gaining more and more popularity over the years, there is demand for good teachers, and you can make a very nice living out of it.

Experienced and popular instructors, especially studio owners, can earn a lot more than average salary. But as an unexperienced beginner who is most likely to start their career in a smaller studio you can expect national average salary.

And why do I keep saying average and I don’t state the numbers? It is because these ratios are valid everywhere. From USA to European countries, full time instructors will earn more than national average. This fact is very useful if you plan to move in the future. You can rest assured that this career can pay off everywhere!

If you are looking for more information – here is my other detailed article about Pilates Instructors Salary, where you can read and learn more …

Best Pilates Teacher Training - Machines
Best Pilates Teacher Training – Machines


Enrolling into Pilates teacher training has many benefits. From personal development to an interesting career, there are many reasons why you should do it if you are thinking about it.

Anyone who is dedicated and motivated can accomplish this goal, but in order for it to pay off, you should choose reputable training programs.

As I already said and I will say it again, good programs will teach you how to be a teacher in every sense, not just physical!

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