How Much do Pilates Instructors Make? [Highest Salary]

How Much do Pilates Instructors Make Salary
How Much do Pilates Instructors Make Salary

When you see Pilates instructors on the internet, they look fit, healthy, and happy. Some of them even have wonderful studios, and it seems like they are earning a lot of money.

But is it really like that, and how much do Pilates instructors make in reality? Of course, the answer depends a lot on a location, their expertise, and the fact are they studio owners or just employees.

In the USA, which is a really big market, Pilates instructors earn around $ 55,000 per year. Of course, this number can vary depending on numerous factors. When you compare that with average salary in the country, you can see that they earn a bit more, and that it the case all around the world.

To become Pilates instructor, you have to sacrifice a lot of time and make a lot of effort. In addition to that, you must invest in your education.

It is a very responsible job where you have to teach people to exercise and observe them constantly to avoid injuries. You also have to be friendly and good with people. It is by no means an easy task.

Here I will tell you more about this job, how to become an instructor, and what kind of salary you could expect.

What [or Who] is a Pilates Instructor? [What Do They Do?]

Pilates instructor is not just a fit person who looks nice. Pilates instructor is a certified professional. If you are wondering what is a Pilates instructor exactly, here is a brief explanation.

It is a person who teaches people (groups or individuals) how to practice Pilates in order to obtain all physical and psychological benefits in a safe and efficient way.

Pilates has been around for a long time, and the traditional form evolved into different ones. Today you can practice mat Pilates, reformer Pilates, hot Pilates, power Pilates, and some other types too.

Instructors can specialize in one type like reformer or mat, or they can teach various ones. It is important that they went through education programs so that they can monitor your progress and make corrections in your exercises. A good instructor can recognize your mistakes and prevent any injuries that can happened while working out improperly.

But that is not all, there are instructors that teach medical Pilates, which is a personalized exercise program made by them for any individual who is recovering from injuries or having a condition that prevents him/her from regular exercise. These instructors have a lot of medical knowledge too.

Instructors can work in gyms, studios, or even organise private classes. They will teach you all the techniques in order to get the best results and benefits.

How Much do Pilates Instructors Make Salary - Class and Hour
How Much do Pilates Instructors Make Salary – Class and Hour

How to Become a Pilates Instructor?

How to become a Pilates instructor depends on your country, and you may need some additional permits or special certificates which are not mentioned here. If you are interested in this career, check the details for your location.

However, the process is very similar around the world, and I will describe the basics here.

In the majority of places, a degree from university is not required, however, you would be surprised how many instructors have one.

You can become an instructor with a high school degree when it comes to basic education. But that is not enough.

Majority of instructors were very active before they started working as instructors. Many of them practiced Pilates, or some other sport. Some even have experience in Yoga or fitness training.

To become an instructor, you have to be physically fit, and good with people too. If you have these qualifications, you have to find and official instructor training program in your area. Of course, those can be very expensive, especially if they involve a reformer. These classes can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Many of these programs will require you to pass a test before they let you join. Tests can be physical, theoretical, or both. And they are very strict about it.

When you get accepted and complete the training, you will have to pass the exam. And I can tell you that you will have to study a lot! There is a lot of theory behind practice too.

In this training program you will learn various exercises, learn how to teach people, learn how to lead your classes, and learn the theory that is a base of it.

When you pass the exam, you can be a licenced instructor. The next step is to find a job!

Of course, even when you start working, you will still have the opportunity to learn, and your task is not done. Almost all instructors visit workshops or go to advanced classes to perfect their instructor`s skills.

Can you Make a Living as a Pilates instructor?

How much do Pilates instructors make is not as important as the following question: can you make a living off it?

YES, you definitely can! When you compare Pilates instructor average salary in some country with an average salary in the same country, you will see that instructors earn above average.

The best ones can earn a lot more than average. However, if you are working in a small town, in areas where living costs are low, you may be earning less than national average. Even if that is the case, you will still be able to make a living.

Pilates is becoming more and more popular, many new studios are opening their doors, and it is a growing business. This also means that the competition is high, and many instructors are looking for a job in that field.

This may sound discouraging, but if you make an effort and you are capable, you don’t have to worry.

The best thing would be to open your own studio, but that is a big investment, so not everyone has the opportunity to do so. Studio owners can learn a lot more than basic instructors.

How Much Do Pilates Instructors Make? [Per Class, Hour, Year]

As already mentioned, exact numbers depend on your country, city within the country, about your experience, and about the fact if you are studio owner or not.

How much does a Pilates instructor make per class is a tricky question, but here are some average numbers for the USA. And let`s assume that one class is one hour long, so it is basically how much does a Pilates instructor make per hour.

You can earn $27-$35 in average, but this number can be smaller or a lot higher too. Pilates instructor salary is around $55,000 per year, but it can be as low as $37,000 for beginners in areas outside of big cities. Experienced instructors can earn more than $80,000 per year. Instructors that teach celebrities can earn much more if they provide private classes.

Part time Pilates instructor salary is a bit smaller, but it can be a great addition to your main budget. Most often, you will get an hourly average, but you will work less hours.

Certified Pilates instructor salary grows with years of experience too. A beginner will start at the bottom, but after about 5 years you can expect to reach the average. After that, you can enjoy in above average salary!

How Much do Pilates Instructors Make Salary - World
How Much do Pilates Instructors Make Salary – World

How Much Does a Pilates Instructor Make Around the World?

How much do Pilates instructors make depends on a country, but luckily, they are well paid almost everywhere. Of course, you have to observe living costs and average salary to see is it worth it.

– Pilates Instructor Salary in Singapore

Pilates instructor salary in Singapore starts around $2800 per month for a qualified full time instructor who is working around 90 hours a week. Of course, additional hours are paid extra, and many instructors count on the additional income. Experienced instructors working in popular studios can earn more than $4000. Unfortunately, this is slightly below the national average.

– Pilates Instructor Salary in UK

Pilates instructor salary in UK varies a lot across the country. In popular studios in London, you can earn a lot more than in smaller cities. Starting salary is around £20 per hour, but after a few years of experience it climbs to £27. In London, starting salary is £31, while experienced instructors can get £45. This is definitely more than the national average.

– Pilates Instructor Salary in Australia

Pilates instructor salary in Australia is around $45 per hour, however, there are many of those who earn less, but also many of those who earn more. It depends on a city and studio. Average of $45 is more than the national average, which means that you can make a decent living by teaching Pilates.

– Pilates Instructor Salary in Ireland

Pilates instructor salary in Ireland is around €17.20. Same as everywhere else, this number can be lower or higher. Experienced instructors can get more than €30. When you observe the lower end, it is below national average, but the upper end is above. How much will you make in a month/year depends on number of hours worked, so if you work a bit harder until you gain more experience, you can make a living.

– Pilates Instructor Salary in Canada

Pilates instructor salary in Canada is around $59,000 per year, or $30.30 per hour. This number is around $33 in larger cites. Unfortunately, that is just slightly below the national average. You can live off that money, but you will not make a fortune. Only exceptions are if you are teaching celebrities, have rich clients who pay for private classes, or you are the studio owner.

– Pilates Instructor Salary in NYC

Pilates instructor salary in NYC is quite high when compared to some other parts of the USA. But, NYC also has very high cost of living. Average salary for a Pilates instructor here is $44 per hour. Yearly, instructors earn close to $70,000. This is actually around the average in NYC, but keep in mind that average is a tricky number in the city full of millionaires, but also full of those who are barely surviving with their salaries.

– Pilates Instructor Salary in California

Pilates instructor salary in California is around $35 per hour, if you observe national average, but in Los Angeles, that average is much higher, around $45. Experienced instructors in popular studios can earn as much as $55. This is around and above national average, and it means that instructors working there can earn a good salary!

– Pilates Instructor Salary in Florida

And lastly, Pilates instructor salary in Florida. It is around $35 per hour, and if you observe the yearly range, it is $38,000 to $72,500, with about $51,000 average. Of course, it depends on a number of hours you worked.

Average for Pilates instructor is around the national average, which means that with years of experience, you can earn more than an average worker in Florida.

How Much do Club or Equinox Pilates Instructors Make?

You probably have some questions about specific salaries in the world of Pilates, so here are some of the known ones.

How much do Club Pilates instructors make depends on a specific location and the instructor`s experience, and the average is $44 per hour. That is actually quite good. Of course, it can be a lot less or even more if you are an expert.

How much do Equinox Pilates instructors make also depends on a specific location as well as the experience of the instructor, and it varies significantly. Their rate is between $11 and $50.

Both Club and Equinox offer reformer classes, and certified reformer instructors earn more than beginners.

Club Pilates instructor salary and Equinox Pilates instructor salary are comparable if you are considering instructors with the same qualifications and the same area.

How Much do Pilates Studio Owners Make?

And finally, does it pay off to be the studio owner? The answer is definitely YES, but only if you have a lot of clients and full groups. You can achieve that by providing excellent service and by employing great instructors.

How much do Pilates instructors make if they own a studio also depends on a location and how well-equipped is your studio. Of course, to open a studio, you will have to invest a lot of time, money, and knowledge.

In the best-case scenario, you can count on six figures salary per year! That is absolutely amazing. But not everyone can manage that, and the first few years may be hard.

Now you know how much do Pilates studio owners make and what it takes to become an instructor.

How to Earn More as A Pilates Instructor? [Tips]

And for the end, here are some tips on how to earn more as an instructor and how to make a profit:

Become an expert in a specific field of Pilates

You know how doctors go to specializations? Well, you can do similar as an instructor. When you pass your basic training, you should continue your Pilates education, and specialize in something specific like pre-natal Pilates, athletic performance Pilates, or Pilates for knee-pain or back-pain.

Get certificates for equipment’s and mat Pilates

Being able to teach various classes opens more possibilities for you as an instructor. Besides mat and reformer, you can specialize for Spine Correctors, Pedi-Poles, or Ladder Barrels.

Get a liability insurance

Paying for insurance may seem like a waste of money, but it can save your business in case that something goes wrong. If someone suffers and injurie in your class, you won`t have to worry about the lawsuit.

Get referrals

Good instructors are great with people. They are friendly and helpful. So, why not using that as a business advantage? Try to make a deal with similar business that can make a recommendation to their clients to visit your classes. You can do it with nutritionists, fitness trainers, wellness-salons, and similar. And the best of all, it can be free if both of you agree that you will make referrals for the opposite side.

Organize Open Days or Workshops

You can organize events that are not a part of your schedule and invite your clients who can bring friends or family members. Or you can just advertise open days where you make one free class for interested clients. After that, some of them will definitely become your regular students!

You can do it together with your referral partners, so that it is more interesting to clients and to attract more audience!

How Much do Pilates Instructors Make Salary - Equinox and Club
How Much do Pilates Instructors Make Salary – Equinox and Club


Pilates industry is a growing business, and more and more people recognize the importance of physical exercise.

Of course, this makes it a lucrative work opportunity for future instructors or studio owners. You can make a good living out of it, especially if you are experienced or have some of the wanted specializations.

How much do Pilates instructors make exactly depends on a location, your experience, studio, and many other factors, but most often, your salary will be above national average!

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