Why is Pilates Good for You? [TOP 5 Benefits]

Why is Pilates Good for You?
Why is Pilates Good for You

Even those who are complete beginners …

And who just started exploring the world of fitness and workout, have most likely heard about Pilates.

You have probably seen numerous articles, videos and pictures, or maybe even tried to practice it, but do you know why is Pilates good for you?

Pilates has many benefits for your body. It improves your posture, strengthens your muscles, has beneficial effect on your joints and mobility, increases your flexibility and improves your general well-being. Regular Pilates practice can also help you to lose weight.

If you still have some doubts, or you are not sure if Pilates is for you, read more about these benefits listed below.

What does Pilates do for You? Top 5 Benefits!

Pilates is a form of workout which can be adjusted to meet your personal needs, and there are dozens of benefits you can gain from it.

Here I am going to list the top 5 that are noticed by almost everyone involved in Pilates.

Benefit #1: It improves your posture

In this modern day and age, many of us are sitting too much, or we have jobs which have a bad effect on our spine and back. This is not natural for humans and you should try to minimize the long-term damage. Pilates is oriented on developing core strength, which is extremely important for posture. Practicing Pilates will also affect your upper back muscles and together with stretching, it will improve your posture and relief back pain caused by prolonged sitting. And at the end you will also look a little bit taller.

Benefit #2: It strengthens your muscles

Pilates can be practiced with or without props like elastic bands, bars, stability balls or machines. You will mainly use your own body weight, and that is one of the best and healthiest forms of exercising. Additionally, your Pilates workout can be focused on certain muscle groups, and as you make progress from beginner to advanced practice over time, you will definitely notice improvement in your muscle tone.

Benefit #3: It has beneficial effect on your joints and mobility

As already mentioned, while you are practicing Pilates, you are mostly using your own weight, or props which are safe to use. By avoiding stress on your joints caused by more aggressive workout types, you are saving them. In Pilates, everything is done in a controlled motion and in a relatively gentle way. It is suitable even for people with sensitive joints. By strengthening muscles around knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hips, you can even notice pain-relief in the long run.

Except for building your strength and balance, you will also notice improvement in mobility. As we get older, our mobility naturally decreases, and by practicing Pilates, you can postpone this occurrence and minimize the effect of it.

Benefit #4: It increases your flexibility

Flexibility is frequently overlooked by many people who are recreationally involved in different types of exercise. One of the most important benefits of flexibility is reducing the possibility of injuries. If our bodies are stiff, even a slight wrong move can cause all kinds of problems. Besides that, flexibility also adds to our posture and muscle coordination. Pilates is oriented on coordination and balance a lot, and improving flexibility will affect that in a positive way.

Benefit #5: It improves your general well-being

Physical activity reduces stress and helps you to get rid of the negative energy. If you are leading a busy lifestyle, an hour of exercise few times a week will help you relax. Those who have sleeping problems could benefit from Pilates too. Additionally, when you notice improvement in your muscle tone, or loose a bit of weight, you are going to feel better about yourself. Its not just about looking good, it is about feeling good, and that is why the Pilates is good for you!


I could write at least 10 more reasons why is Pilates good for you, but even these 5 should give you an idea about it, and maybe even motivate you to start practicing it.

I have to mention that all those who have any kind of medical condition should consult with their doctor first.

Pilates is great if combined with other forms of workout too, such as running, hiking, biking or similar. It will help you reduce muscle soreness by building up strength.
Unlike these other sports, Pilates is focused on all muscles in your body, not just certain groups.

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