Does Pilates Increase Height? [Can Make You Taller?]

Does Pilates Increase Height
Does Pilates Increase Height

You all know that Pilates has many excellent benefits for both your mind and your soul. It can strengthen you physically and relax you mentally. But, can it also do some other things?

A lot of people ask does Pilates increase height and the answer is not so simple. It will not make your bones longer, or cause some magical occurrence that will change something unchangeable.

Our height is genetically determined, and nothing can increase it, however, Pilates can prevent losing good posture which can make you look shorter. Those who have bad posture will improve it and they will appear taller than before.

Having good posture is extremely important for health, not just for looks. Our bodies are created for movement, not for sitting in the office, so exercising is the only way to prevent all sorts of back problems.

Standing upright, or being “taller” has beneficial effect on your nervous and cardiovascular system too. According to some research, it can even improve your digestion.

Here I will tell you more about how can Pilates influence your height and mention some other benefits of this extraordinary activity.

Will / Can Pilates Workout Affect / Increase Height?

Various physical exercises have different effects on our bodies. For example, weight lifting will grow muscles, long distance running will increase your stamina, swimming will do both and it will save your joints because it is a low impact activity.

Pilates is special in a way because it is a mixture of strength exercises, stretching, and mild to moderate cardio exercises. All of these are needed for good posture and this is why Pilates can have so many potential benefits.

Weak muscles won’t be able to support your core and spine, so you will appear shorter than you really are. As your muscles get stronger, they will support you in the right way. Stretching will have beneficial effect on your tendons, ligaments, joints, and muscles.

When you exercise Pilates on a regular basis, with time, your posture will become significantly better, and you will look taller. Actually, you will look like you are supposed to look, because bad posture is not natural. Besides, you will also look and feel healthier.

Which Exercise is Best for Increasing Height? [Pilates or any Other?]

Almost any exercise is great, and many of them can strengthen your muscles and make you appear a bit taller than before. But, for maximum benefits, you need to engage into some activity that is low impact, and includes both stretching and muscle strengthening. So, in my opinion, Pilates is the best choice.

It can even be done with tools that I will mention in the next chapter.

To get the best answer to does Pilates increase height question, you should actually ask why some activities increase height, and as I already mentioned, it is because those activities include everything that is needed for this result.

Additionally, some people have bad posture as a result of injuries or medical conditions. Those people should avoid hard impact activities, heavy weight lifting, or anything that can hurt them. Pilates is all about slow and controlled movement, so everyone can benefit from it, if cleared by the doctor, of course.

Do Pilates Tools Help Increase Height?

The beauty of Pilates lies in its versatility. It can be done on a mat, or in a high-end studio full of props and machines. If you never exercised before, maybe you should take a few classes where you are exercising only with your own body, to gain some movement control and to get to know this activity.

But after that, I would definitely advise you to use some tools, or even Pilates machines. All of those will add some resistance and speed up the muscle building process. It is important to say that with Pilates, you will have nicely shaped, elongated, and strong muscles, but you won`t look like a weight lifter, no matter which tools you are using. This makes it excellent for all people, no matter the age or previous physical condition.

Tools can help with stretching too, which is one of the most important parts of exercising.

Some of the popular tools like rings, elastic bands or Pilates balls can even be used at home, so if you are not able to visit a local Pilates studio, there is no reason not to exercise at home.

Does Pilates Increase Height - Tools
Does Pilates Increase Height – Tools

What are the Other Benefits of Pilates?

Many people start exercising to burn some calories and lose some weight or to look better. I assume that is the reason why they ask does Pilates increase height. But, looking nice is not the only, and certainly not the most important benefit.

I already mentioned muscle strengthening and good posture, but what are other benefits?

Being a low impact activity, Pilates reduces the possibility of joint injuries. It can also increase lung capacity.

Advanced exercises will make you sweat, increase your heart rate, make you loose fat, lower your cholesterol, and improve cardiovascular system.

Body movement is excellent for all body systems, including digestion and nervous system. Slow and controlled movements make you aware of your body. Strong muscles and flexible joints are beneficial for those who frequently engage in other physical activities. Pilates also improves coordination.

And for many people, one of the best benefits is relaxation. No matter how stressful your day was, 45 minutes of Pilates will make you feel better. Stress is an underlying cause of many illnesses, and keeping it under control can help you in the long run.


Now you know how can Pilates increase height. To appear taller and leaner, you should exercise regularly, and after some time, you will notice the results. Others will notice it too, and that can also be an excellent motivation to keep going.

Looking good is just one of the numerous benefits of this incredible activity, and to get the most of it, do it at least twice a week.

Remember, the best benefits are those you are feeling, not necessarily seeing.

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