Does Pilates Make You Sweat? [Yes, Here’s How]

Does Pilates Make You Sweat
Does Pilates Make You Sweat

Sweating is a normal process and all of us sweat on a regular basis. Depending on a temperature, physical activity, and fitness level sweating can vary a lot among people.

This body function is very useful and it helps you lower your temperature. Just make sure to hydrate and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

So, does Pilates make you sweat? Pilates will make you sweat although it is sometimes perceived as an activity that doesn’t include cardio or working with high loads. Despite that, Pilates practice can be very intense.

Some people think that the amount of sweat determines the success rate of their exercise, however, that is not completely true. A lot of it depends on numerous outside and inside factors.

In some rare instances, too much sweat can be linked to some medical conditions, however, that is not common at all and sweating during exercise is completely natural.

Here I will tell you a bit more about sweating while practicing Pilates.

Does Pilates Make You Sweat? [Here’s How]

Before telling more about does Pilates make you sweat, I have to tell you some basics about sweating. Your body temperature can rise because of hormones, illness, heat, or intense movement. Here we are going to talk about the last reason which is physical activity or exercise.

When your body produces sweat, that sweat evaporates from your body and it is actually lowering your temperature. Your body is doing everything it can to maintain a constant temperature.

Those with high fitness level tend to lose less sodium in their sweat. Older people have less ability to control body temperature. Muscle mass produces more heat and those with higher muscle mass will sweat more than a person of the same weight with less muscles. Overweight people will sweat a lot because they need to work very hard to move the extra weight. As you can see, variations are almost unlimited.

All of this answers your question about sweating while practicing Pilates. Pilates includes movement, sometimes very intense, and your body will produce sweat to cool down. How much of it you will produce is influenced by all of the factors I mentioned here.

What Kind of Pilates Makes You Sweat?

Every kind of Pilates can make you sweat if the room temperature is high or your fitness level is very low. For example, very fit person won’t sweat a lot during beginners’ class because that person won’t have to put a lot of effort into the movement. But someone who never practiced before will sweat a lot.

If we observe people of the same fitness level, obviously the intensity of training will determine how much will they sweat. There are various kinds of Pilates, and the most popular are classic, clinical, reformer, mat, and power Pilates. The last one became very popular because that variation is focused on high intensity exercises that will make you lose weight and become very fit. It still has the same benefits as the classical one, but the end goal is a bit different. So, this is the kind that will make you sweat the most.

Clinical or restorative are the two kinds that will not make you sweat a lot, because these are made to be practiced by people who have some physical conditions.

Does Pilates Make You Sweat - Workout
Does Pilates Make You Sweat – Workout

Why do I Sweat so Much During Pilates? Is it Healthy?

I already listed the reasons why people sweat, and that can answer this question. Maybe you are out of shape, or you are practicing during summer in a studio without the AC.

If you feel good, and you can finish the class normally, there is nothing to worry about. It is perfectly normal. You just have to drink water to prevent dehydration, and eat high quality meals that will replenish everything that you lost through sweat. As I already mentioned, unfit people tend to lose a lot of sodium, so you could drink a sports drink that contains enough electrolytes, just make sure to choose those without too much artificial flavors and sugars.

However, if you are having troubles keeping up with the class, you are sweating so much that you can’t replace the lost liquids, or have any other symptoms besides sweating, you should see a doctor and make sure that everything is ok before you continue practicing.

Does Sweating During Pilates Mean You’re Unfit?

As I already mentioned, yes and no. Sometimes, even the fittest people will sweat because the class was very intense, or because of the outside temperature.

But, in general, people who are not fit tend to sweat more when performing the same exercises as very fit people. The reason is that you have to put a lot more effort into the movement, and your muscles are not as strong and controlled. This will generate a lot of heat and you may sweat more that your Pilates instructor, for example.

Fit people have bodies that are already used to a certain level of movement, and the only way to achieve that is to keep practicing to become fit. When I compare my first class with classes today, the progress is obvious and some things I can easily do without sweating were almost unimaginable when I started. Believe me, it is worth the effort.

BUT, Is it Normal / Better to NOT Sweat During Pilates?

If you are not completely wet after class, don’t worry, it is still normal. Pilates, especially some “calmer” versions of it, is performed in a way that you are strengthening your body through slow and controlled movement. It is not a cardio training, and it is normal not to sweat a lot.

However, if you are not sweating at all, but you are working hard and feel that your temperature is increased, then you should see a doctor. Sweating is a normal and beneficial process for maintaining body temperature.

Most often, people notice that they sweat less as they become more fit, at leas when doing the same exercises. If you are not sweating a lot during Pilates, it may be that you are more fit than you think, so maybe try to go to more advanced classes or practice another kind of Pilates, if you want to work harder and sweat more.

Does Pilates Make You Sweat - Towel
Does Pilates Make You Sweat – Towel


There is something very satisfying about finishing your Pilates practice and feeling sweaty, but also energized and strong. However, even if you didn’t sweat a lot, that doesn’t mean that you didn’t do anything for your body.

Keep in mind that the intensity of your practice has a large influence on the amount of sweat, together with room temperature and your body and its functions.

Pilates will not make you sweat like running or mountain climbing, but sometimes that is even better, because this exercise was created to heal our bodies (like knees, posture, flexibility and more) not just to lose weight (burn calories) or just to increase your fitness level. Instead of wondering does Pilates make you sweat, think about all the benefits it has when you are practicing on a regular basis.

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