Lagree vs Pilates: Difference, Results and Pictures

Lagree vs Pilates
Lagree vs Pilates

Pilates is one of the most popular exercise programs in the world today. But it has some competitors, and one of them is Lagree.

Although these two activities may seem similar, there are many differences in both exercises and expected results.

Lagree vs Pilates is a comparison that you should study carefully before you decide which activity suits you better. Both are low impact, but Pilates is also low intensity. It focuses on alignment and core, while Lagree focuses on muscular strength and endurance.

Both activities can be a great supplement to athletes playing various sports, or as a sole recreational activity practiced for health.

Lagree is gaining popularity over the past years, and it is recognized as an effective way to accomplish your fitness goals.

Here I will tell you more about Pilates and Lagree and what to expect from both.

What are The Main Benefits and Differences Between Lagree and Pilates?

To know the difference between Lagre and Pilates, I must explain what Lagree is. But, to explain that, I have to mention Pilates firstly.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercises created more than a hundred years ago, and it is both low impact and low intensity program. Today, there are many variations of it, but the main principles remain the same.

Pilates focuses on core strength, increasing range of motion and flexibility, breathing, and perfect control over your body.

Depending on a type, it is suitable even for those who are recovering from injuries or have some underlying issues that can be resolved with physical activity.

What are the Benefits of Pilates?

When you start practicing, you will see results after a few weeks, but it takes months for a noticeable transformation. There are many benefits including improved posture, increased flexibility and range of motion, regular and efficient breathing, and of course, there are psychological benefits like better sleep and lower stress.

It can be practiced on a mat or using some of the popular machines like reformer.

What is Lagree?

Lagree has some similarities with Pilates, but generally it focuses on a bit different approach and end results. It is relatively new form of exercise, invented in 1998.

The main goal is to transform your body, give you more strength, build muscles, and increase your fitness level in general. It is low impact as Pilates, but high intensity.

Breaks between two sets of exercises are lower, cardio intensity is higher, and it increases your endurance.

Unlike Pilates, it requires a machine, called megaformer and resistance added by springs is a part of every session. Megaformer is inspired by Pilates reformer, but with Lagaree workuts in mind.

In Lagaree, time that your muscles spend under tension is much longer in every class. Progressive overloading is a part of it, and it basically means that tension intensifies through the practice.

It also focuses on flexibility and mobility but not in the same way as Pilates.

What are the Benefits of Lagree?

Like Pilates, Lagree will give you many benefits, but slightly different ones. Results of Lagaree are increased muscles strength and muscle appearance. It also gives you more endurance and cardio efficiency.

It is a body sculping activity, so it will help you loose weight or show off your muscles much faster. And lastly, Lagaree exercises increase your hart rate during class much more than Pilates.

Basically, Lagaree utilizes principles of Pilates but in a reformed way.

Lagree vs Pilates - Difference
Lagree vs Pilates – Difference

Lagree vs Pilates: What Results Should You Expect? [Before and After]

Although every physical activity has many benefits, they are a bit different. Some activities focus more on psychological benefits, some on physical.

What is important here is that no matter which activity you practice, you should be persistent and try to complement exercise with a balanced diet.

Pilates before and after is a comparison more in the feeling and state of your body, than the look of it. It will make your muscles leaner, and you will be able to see it, however, other benefits are even more important. After regular practicing, you will notice the following:

• Upright back position and less back pain
• Wider range of motion in your joints
• Efficient and regular breathing
• Lower stress level
• Core strength
• Better motion control

Lagree before and after is a bit different than Pilates. Physical benefits are more prominent here, and they include:

• Strong and visible muscles
• Increased endurance
• Reduced weight
• Increased cardiovascular efficiency

Lagree vs Pilates - Results
Lagree vs Pilates – Results

Lagree vs Pilates: Which one is Better for You?

When choosing the right activity for you, you have to ask yourself what you want to accomplish by exercising. In addition to that, see if you have any health-related limitations.

Lagree vs Pilates results are the thing that will help you choose.

Here is a quick question chart. Answer truthfully and see if you have more “YES” answers for Pilates or Lagree.

Do you want to lose weight? YES >>> Lagree
Do you want to have better posture? YES >>> Pilates
Do you want to increase mobility and flexibility? YES >>> Pilates
Do you want to build larger muscles? YES >>> Lagree
Do you want to exercise for better mental health? YES >>> Pilates
Do you want to have better endurance? YES >>> Lagree
Do you want to have more core strength? YES >>> Pilates
Do you want to practice breathing? YES >>> Pilates
Do you want high intensity workout? YES >>> Lagree
Do you want better cardiovascular efficiency? YES >>> Lagree
Are you recovering from any injurie? YES >>> Pilates

Of course, you need to consider accessibility of classes too. Lagree is becoming more and more popular; however, number of studios and certified instructors is still much larger for Pilates.

Lagree vs Pilates: Which One is More Popular in the World?

This question is hard to answer, and it also depends on your location. Lagree gained a lot of popularity in the past years; however, Pilates is still a higher on the scale due to number of existing instructors and places where you can practice.

Interesting thing is that when you compare online searches, Lagree is rising while Pilates is slightly dropping.

In the US, Lagree is rapidly rising, while in many areas around Europe it is still much less popular. If I had to make a prediction, I think that Lagree will rise a lot more.

Today, due to our lifestyles and interests, we all have some specific requirements when it comes to exercise. Lagree combines high intensity fitness with low impact benefits of Pilates and that makes it very interesting.

But, at the same time, I don’t think that Pilates will drop a lot. It is a classic, with long tradition, and some people naturally aspire towards such exercise programs.

Lagree vs Pilates when it comes to popularity definitely leans a lot more to Pilates, however, we will see how it goes in the future.

What Equipment Do You Need for Lagree and Pilates?

Lagree vs Pilates can be compared in regard to equipment used. Pilates offers more possibilities, and that makes it more suitable for home practice too.

Pilates can be done on a mat without any props. It can also be done on a mat with stability balls, elastic bands, rings, bars or similar equipment that adds resistance and increases tension to your muscles while complementing the controlled motion and breath.

For more intensity, you can exercise on a reformer, Cadillac, barrel, or Pilates chair. It is very versatile, and anyone can find a suitable exercise program in accordance with their needs. There is also medical Pilates that is used by people with injuries who are recovering under the supervision of specially certified instructors.

Lagree on the other hand requires you to be healthy, although intensity of the program can be adjusted to any age and fitness level group of people. It doesn’t use as many different equipment as Pilates, and it focuses on one machine called the Megaformer.

Megaformer construction is inspired by reformer, but even at the first sight you will see that they are not that similar.

It is a machine with a platform that slides and additional resistance springs. Those are created in a way that they complement cardio exercises and high intensity workout.

In addition to full size and fully equipped Megaformer, there are smaller versions available for smaller studios or even home use if you have space for it.

How Much Does Lagree or Pilates Cost?

Both Pilates and Lagree can vary in cost a lot. It depends on your location, other studios in the area, and equipment used. In large and expensive cities, popular studios will cost more than those in smaller towns.

Pilates price also depends on Pilates type. Group mat classes are the cheapest. Individual reformer classes are the most expensive.

It is similar with Lagree when it comes to location or group vs individual, however, prices do not vary regarding equipment used because there is only one machine.

Prices of both are similar when you compare some the average, like group classes with machines. Averaging around $25 per class, prices don’t vary much between Lagree and Pilates. However, due to increased popularity, high end Pilates studios can cost a lot more.

For exact prices in your area, contact local studios. You can frequently get a discount if pay for the whole month.

Lagree vs Pilates - Pictures
Lagree vs Pilates – Pictures


Comparing Lagree vs Pilates may seem a bit confusing, however, if you know what results you want to accomplish, it is easy to choose.

Both are low impact, but unlike Pilates, Lagree is high intensity workout that focuses on building muscles and increasing endurance.

No matter which one you decide to practice, you will gain a lot of benefits and improve your general wellbeing.

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